About approvals

If you’ve got time, you can organise your own building approvals

Some people, particularly DIY builders, like to do their own research and organise their own approvals – which is perfectly fine.

Our network partners in NSW, SE QLD, VIC, and ACT can help you with components for submission, such as your architectural drawings, and any other documentation you may require.

You can visit our other website for DIY Pod Approvals to find out more or check the appropriate box when you submit your enquiry.

Have building approvals organised for you

When you get preliminary advice from one of the professionals in our network you’ll find out what kind of approval you’ll need, how much the approval process will cost, what’s involved, how long it should take, etc. You can often get a ballpark on what your project will cost to get to completion as well.

Requirements are different between States but there are also similarities. For example, in all States, it’s now possible to have a granny flat without getting planning permission or having a development application (DA) approved. All governments fast-tracked compliance for secondary dwellings to help meet the demand for housing. Put simply, you may only need a building permit and certification (depending on which State) to get your project completed.

The approval process for habitable backyard studios, with and without plumbed facilities, is relatively straightforward. An approved backyard studio, whatever you might like to call it, becomes additional living space for your home and adds definite value. All habitable structures need approval, read more here. All non-habitable structures that fail to comply with rules for exemption will need an application for a relaxation of the rules.

Getting preliminary advice before you get started

When you make an enquiry with us and we get into a free consultation, we can often give you a quick heads-up on the permissibility of building what you propose for your site, using special software. The software indications are not binding or guaranteed so if your project looks challenging in any way, it’s best to get preliminary advice from one of our architect partners.

Anywhere in NSW, SE QLD, VIC, and ACT for a small fee of $250 they will thoroughly research your registered site plan and proposed project description to advise if your proposal will be acceptable for submission or if you’ll have to change anything in your proposal to make it permissible. If your project needs approval, they will also explain what’s involved in the process and the costs along the way. They can often give you a ballpark estimate of project costs to completion as well.

You can visit our other website for DIY Pod Approvals to find out more or click below to submit your enquiry.