About foundations

Steel piers standard 600mm or varying lengths

Steel foundation piers are pre-engineered to suit Backyard Pods. The number of piers will vary according to the size of your pod. The steel piers are set into concrete and form the foundations for your pod.

The standard length of steel piers is 600mm, suitable for achieving a height limit of <3m above the lowest point of the ground level with exempt projects.

Standard steel foundation piers are available in lengths up to 1800mm. You can also use other types of piers, for example when greater elevation is required, but these will need to be certified as suitable in the course of your project coordination.

Steel skids up to 8m length for portable buildings

Steel skids are pre-engineered to suit Backyard Pods. The skids (purlins) come in pairs up to 8m-long and they run underneath the length-way walls of your Backyard Pod.

Skids are a great solution when the Backyard Pod needs to be moved in the future for some reason. The structure on skids can be winched from one spot to another on the same property, or winched onto a standard flatbed truck for transport to another location.

Due to the size limitation of flatbed trucks, the maximum size of Backyard Pod erected on skids for transportation is 3.4m x 8m.

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