About glazing

You can use any doors and windows you like

The options for doors and windows are endless with Backyard Pods. Choose aluminium-framed or timber-framed, new, or recycled. Ask us for the recommended reveal size if you’re buying your doors and windows elsewhere. Your choice of doors and windows, in materials and frame-colours, can entirely change or influence the appeal of your Backyard Pod, while the positioning is important for light, ventilation, and furniture placement.

You can also add any standard skylight to the roof of your Backyard Pod, following the skylight manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Eco-efficiency with our range of double-glazed windows and doors

For greater economy and environmental efficiency, we recommend using double-glazed windows and doors for your Backyard Pod. Your choice from our range of Polar Eco View doors and windows can be included in your building kit, and included with your structural specifications if you’re going through the approval process. Otherwise, doors and windows can be sourced through a local supplier directly or via your builder.

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