Easily attach items to corrugated Colorbond walls – exterior lights, power points, taps – with our corrugated wall mounting plates. Choose either 2-span or 3-span corrugated wall mounting plates, to suit each item that you want to mount.

Corrugated profile mounting plates

Buy online external wall mounting plates for Colorbond® and other materials with a corrugated profile. The SMALL size (2-span) covers two corrugations for mounting smaller items like exterior power points, switches, etc. The LARGE size (3-span) covers three corrugations to suit larger items like exterior lighting fixtures, etc. Easily PAINT TO MATCH any Colorbond colour (get a Dulux Colorbond spray can from the hardware store). Fast shipping via Australia Post to any address within Australia. Most people getting a Backyard Pod want a few corrugated wall mounting plates for their external lights, or one light at least for the entry, and having a double GPO outlet on the front wall is handy for options like an electric barbeque or a water feature, charging a phone when on the veranda, or using electrical garden appliances. Often people want to add lights, power outlets, or taps to the external wall of their Colorbond garage as well, or add a tap to a corrugated water tank. So many uses – and if you’ve ever tried to attach a flat-mounting surface to a corrugated wall, you’ll know all about the frustration traditionally associated with this task. Results from attempted workarounds for the corrugations are often not great. If you’ve tried before, but had disappointing results, or you just want to get it right the first time with the greatest of ease, you’ll appreciate the brilliant practicality of our corrugated wall mounting plates. View the products below for measurements and specifications – buy single mounting plates or save in bulk (10x) for larger projects.

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