About construction

If you’ve got previous building experience and tools, become a DIY builder

Feeling confident to tackle your DIY building project? For an exempt development, no mucking around, you can get straight into it. Even if your project is approved, you can still be the DIY builder of your project as the owner-builder. We can help you to sort the red tape if needed.

Your Backyard Pod kit contains everything needed to get to the lock-up stage with your chosen windows and doors. Instructions, step-by-step videos, engineering documentation – even the fixings and sealant for your building are included. We can also provide practical phone support if you get stuck.

Check out the kits for the full list of inclusions and details.

Become an owner-builder and manage your project yourself

Next to being a DIY builder, becoming an owner-builder can save $$$ thousands on construction costs. For property owners with enough time to get quotes and negotiate with tradespeople, it’s a great option. We can help if you need to know what’s involved and how to do it.

We always suggest asking for building quotes “to the lock-up stage” using our kits, so that you can easily compare ‘apples with apples’ between what builders are charging. Once you establish the best price to lock-up for your building, you can choose the best quotes on extras like your internal lining, fittings and fixtures, connections, etc. For example, local suppliers often have hard-to-beat specials and you can shop on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook, etc.

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Have a pod-specialist project manager to coordinate your owner-builder project

Enjoy the cost-saving benefits of being an owner-builder with the assurance and convenience of having a pod-specialist project manager, like Rahil, coordinating your trades for you.


  • Save money compared to turnkey building projects

  • Save time compared to managing your own project

  • Complete project management and coordination service

  • Fully registered and insured

Have a licensed builder taking care of everything for you

Meet Renato, one of the licensed builders with years of experience constructing with Backyard Pods.

Whether you’re in NSW, VIC, SE QLD, or ACT, chances are there are licenced builders in your area who have worked with our customers previously.

If not, it’s easy for any licensed builder to follow the instructions and engineering documentation, along with your approved plans, just like any DIY builder would be able to do.

  • Fully licenced and insured with warranty where applicable

Watch rapid on-site assembly

Whether you’re doing a DIY building project or having the construction work done for you, it’s interesting to watch this fast-motion video to understand how quickly your Backyard Pod can be assembled on-site. The speed of assembly and ease of construction work are two of the reasons why Backyard Pods represents the most affordable and practical building solution.