About our company

Melanie Williamson, founder of Backyard Pods

Established in 2016 by someone who asked a good question

Backyard Pods was founded in 2016 by Melanie Williamson, then a WFH part-time mum-of-two, asking: “Why isn’t it possible to buy a small building in an online shopping cart and put it together like an IKEA bookcase?”

Her search for a solution led to one of Australia’s leading steel fabricators, already tinkering with the how-tos for a similar idea. Working in a spirit of partnership, by 2017 there was the versatile, robust, affordable all-round building solution that is Backyard Pods.

Since things seriously got underway in 2018, we have helped thousands of people with their proposed projects and delivered countless flatpack building kits to customers throughout NSW, VIC, and SE QLD.

Today, we have a separate store for our flatpack building kits but the team at Backyard Pods is always ready to help you with enquiries for backyard studios, granny flats, home offices, home extensions, primary residences, or whatever your backyard building dream.

Our philosophy

The purpose of Backyard Pods is to provide a universal, low-cost building solution for people to get granny flats, home offices, multi-purpose rooms, and other backyard buildings more cheaply and efficiently, yet with high standards of quality. The engineering-certified Backyard Pod building kit is the perfect ‘blank canvas’ for any kind of building – the options for colours, profiles, eaves, verandas, decks, windows, and doors making the basic building incredibly versatile in appearance and functionality. We care for our customers and do all we possibly can to help them achieve a successful backyard building project.

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