4m x 6m granny flat interior ideas

Top 5 most popular sizes for Backyard Pods

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Backyard Pods are available in widths from 2.5m to 4.5m and lengths from 3m to 16m. With so many sizes to choose from, and so many different purposes for a pod-style building project, what are the most common sizes that people are choosing?

All-time #1 favourite 3m x 6m

Arguably the most versatile Backyard Pod size of all, the 3m x 6m is most commonly used for exempt (non-habitable) projects in NSW. It’s also the perfect size for a home office or backyard studio with an ensuite (fully approved) like this example here.

Example of backyard studio with ensuite made from 3m x 6m flatpack building kit

Contemporary poolside guest cabin with ensuite 3m x 6m at Seven Hills, Sydney NSW

Double-glazed windows and doors were included with the kit

#2 most popular 4m x 5m

Again, like the 3m x 6m example, the 4m x 5m Backyard Pod 4m x 5m can qualify for exempt projects in NSW, so it’s very popular. It’s also a good size for a home office or studio with an ensuite, and perhaps even a small kitchenette as well, where the available land is more square-shaped than rectangular.

Example of home office with kitchenette and powder room made from 4m x 5m flatpack building kit

Example of a kitchenette and ensuite shower room tucked into a teenage retreat made from 4m x 5m flatpack building kit

#3 most popular 3.6m x 7m

The 3.6m wide pod feels much more spacious inside and the 7m length lends itself to use as an open space or easy division into several individual spaces.

Clever choices in colour make the most of this 3.6m x 7m teenage retreat in Melbourne VIC, made from a flatpack building kit

This contemporary DIY holiday guest cabin on the Sunshine Coast was made from a flatpack building kit 3.6m x 7m

#4 most popular 4m x 8m

The flatpack kit 4m x 8m is the fourth most popular for people wanting a self-contained granny flat that’s on the smaller side.

This granny flat made from a flatpack building kit 4m x 8m nestles beautifully into its garden surroundings

Done mostly as a DIY project, this 4m x 8m ‘man cave’ complete with a wet bar and powder room has a rustic feel with timber-framed windows and doors

#5 most popular 4m x 10m

There is increasing demand for flatpack building kits in larger sizes such as 4.5m x 11m, 4.5m x 13, and 4m x 15m for two or more bedrooms. Of larger pod sizes, 4m x 10m is currently the most popular for a spacious self-contained granny flat.

This 4m x 10m ‘bachelor pad’ was N4 wind-rated, an available option with flatpack building kits, as required in the Blue Mountains

Example of 4m x 10m granny flat with eaves, deck, and veranda kit on the Gold Coast QLD nearing completion to the lock-up stage

So, once you know you’d like to go ahead with your building project, everything is easily organised through our Flatpack Building Kits online store, with help available for approvals if needed, construction works if not DIY, etc.

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