About eaves

For the purists it’s no eaves

From the beginning, the classic Backyard Pods design principle was always to avoid having eaves on our buildings. Like the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, we had the perfect shape for ‘everyone’ and we were sticking to it.

Having no eaves results in a clean and contemporary look at the lowest possible cost. People often add a deck and veranda for entry shelter and outdoor living. Our awning-style double-glazed windows can deflect rain showers. Why should we introduce eaves?

Eventually, the eaves option was offered to please customers wanting a more traditional architectural roofline and now you can choose – either no eaves (standard) or with eaves (you’re welcome, see below).

More traditional with eaves

Backyard Pods with eaves are available in all sizes (width 2.5m to 4.5m, length 3m to 16m, custom-cutdowns available).

Eaves extend by 450mm on each side, to increase the overall roofed area by 900mm in both length and width when on all four sides (compared to a standard Backyard Pod). For example, 3m x 6m becomes 3.9m x 6.9m with eaves, so you would need to check clearance from trees and obstacles.

Eaves are available for just one side of your building or all sides. Our customer service team can help you with eaves options if needed. You can choose the colour of your under-eaves sheeting to either blend or contrast with your Backyard Pod.