Backyard cabins Melbourne - Metung pic 3

DIY cabin 3m x 6m hidden off-grid with water views at Metung VIC

You’ll find Backyard Pods tucked away in quiet corners of the countryside and coastal areas of NSW, VIC, and QLD. This rustic off-grid cabin on a large lakeside block in a small Victorian coastal hamlet is what some dreams are made of. As a tiny house with a wood heater, kitchenette, and external off-grid facilities, lined with Scandi-style plywood interior, it’s someone’s hidden gem.

Our very first Backyard Pod prototype construction in 2016-2017 was off-grid on rural NSW acreage, where brutal conditions of summer drought, flooding rains, and winter snow would test the durability of our assembled flatpack kit 3m x 6m with plasterboard interior lining and floating floorboards, as well as the modular double-glazed awning-style windows and sliding door. From this experience, we knew for ourselves that a Backyard Pod kit, even when built DIY by someone with appropriate experience, was easy to work with and would stand the test of time.

Since then, countless people have erected Backyard Pods as holiday cabins, granny flats, and primary dwellings all over the eastern coast of Australia and regional heartlands.

Tiny houses are springing up in many rural and regional areas. This DIY cabin has been used as a tiny house with a kitchenette inside. Outside are the off-grid bathroom and washing facilities, fed by water tanks and feeding an eco-friendly waste system.

We love it when people want to go off-grid with their Backyard Pods. It’s important to remember that off-grid doesn’t mean ignoring building regulations. For your tiny house or cabin to be certified for occupation (and eventually sold as a dwelling), you will need to go through the approval process. There can be special conditions for people who are using temporary accommodation while building a main house. We can help you to get preliminary advice on your project plans to make sure you’re thinking in the right direction.