Backyard studios ACT - Canberra pic 1

Classic man-cave Backyard Pod 3m x 6m at Canberra ACT

Man-caves are a tremendously popular idea (or she-sheds, whatever you want to call them). Here is a simple man-cave in Canberra made using a Backyard Pod kit 3m x 6m, our most popular size of all-time. Sometimes a Backyard Pod needs no real purpose, it’s just a great extra space to hang out and do your own thing.

So, whatever you want to do in your own special room in the backyard, we’ve got the most affordable and versatile solution for you with a flat-pack building kit from Backyard Pods. Customers have turned 3m x 6m Backyard Pods like this one into yoga studios, sewing rooms, hobby and craft workshops, and in one outstanding example – space for a gigantic train set (like Gomez Addams in the Addams Family). It is what you make it.

You can start with a flat-pack kit, add double-glazed windows and doors from our range or choose your own – place them wherever you like. Line the inside with Gyprock or plywood (remembering that if you’re building a ‘room’ for living or sleeping it will need approval anywhere in Australia). DIY your personal man-cave project if you’ve got previous building experience, or use one of the experienced installers in our network.

Another option to consider is a prefab building from Backyard Pods – these start at 3m x 6m and can be just an open room or with partitions, not necessarily a whole granny flat. Ask for our prefab buildings brochure to look at 24 of our most popular designs, delivered complete on your land. Prefabs are available in Colorbond or weatherboard-look vinyl cladding. Flat-packs are available in Colorbond cladding as standard or you can choose to clad your Backyard Pod frame in timber weatherboards or vinyl cladding. When people can make so many choices, every Backyard Pod has its own unique personality.