Portable home office pods Melbourne - Torquay pic 3

Earth-toned home office pod 3m x 3.3m on skids at Torquay, coastal VIC

Portable office pod against the boundary

Torquay, on the east coast of VIC (near famous Bell’s Beach) is a wonderful place to live and work from home if you’re lucky enough to do so. Our customer wanted a small home office pod against the boundary fence (usually a no-no) and it had to be an exact non-standard size to suit their design. They also wanted the low-cost structure to be attractive-looking to enhance the desirable coastal home with its existing focal-point backyard entertainment area. The finished home office pod, with its timber surrounds, proudly achieves its purpose inside and out.

Considering that Colorbond Monument has been the most popular contemporary colour for Backyard Pods in recent years, it’s always great to see examples of other colours used for contemporary building designs. The owner of this office pod made a carefully considered colour choice by using Colorbond Jasper – a muted, earthy tone that sits beautifully in either urban, bushland, or coastal environments. Jasper harmonises very well with timber accents, as we see in this example with the custom timber landing deck around the front. Having the guttering and barges also in Jasper gave the whole pod a very modern, integrated look.

The double-glazed sliding stacker door and awning-style window (from our range) are framed in black as a contemporary contrast to the earthy tones of Jasper. The use of double glazing can maximise the available natural light with enhanced comfort inside. In warmer months, the stacker doors can be opened right up and the awning-style window will deflect rain so that the window can be left open for ventilation during light showers. This style of window is always recommended when the pod doesn’t have eaves, as with this example using one of our standard kits. Exterior lights on either side of the sliding stacker doors are also in black as the accent colour.

Inside, the plasterboard wall lining was made easier to install through the use of our Lining Kits, a low-cost optional extra with our flatpack building kits. Floating floorboards in a rustic timber finish, combined with the warm neutral interior colour scheme for paint and furnishings, give the interior the same kind of earthy, organic vibe as the building’s exterior. The 3m x 3.3m size feels even more spacious with Backyard Pod kits having an above-average ceiling height.

Installed on skids for potential future moveability, the 3m x 3.3m pod kit is usually erected on piers as a permanent structure. All habitable buildings need approval in every Australian state, and the same with any non-habitable exempt buildings that could be too close to the boundary, and/or too tall, or otherwise not able to strictly meet the rules for exemption.

The owner of this completed home office pod keeps a beautifully manicured lawn, and the surrounding custom-decking and paving stones help to anchor the pod visually into its garden setting. You can imagine how it will look when climbing plants have taken advantage of the attached wire mesh to further envelope the structure in greenery.

DIY, built to lock-up, or completed for you

How this project was done

  • Customer organised their own approvals

  • Customer’s own builder followed step-by-step instructions