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Garden granny flat 4m x 8m with porch in Kingsville, inner Melbourne VIC

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Easy to get granny flats in Melbourne

It’s now just as easy to build a rentable granny flat in VIC or ACT as in NSW and QLD, for extra income. And when family members need separate accommodation, and in other special circumstances, the granny flat is the perfect solution as well. This well-considered backyard cabin at Kingsville, a desirable inner suburb just northwest of Yarraville, has everything needed for stylish, comfortable, independent living.

Step one was project design and approval

When our customer from Kingsville first got in touch, it was quickly realised they would need help with the architectural drawings needed for the approval process in Melbourne (eg: building permit) and the approval process itself. The red tape around building compliance was soon sorted with help from the VIC-registered architect who has helped countless customers of Backyard Pods with their building permits and planning permits when required. Part of his expertise, after so many successful pod-based projects, is navigating between the client’s requirements and the bounds of permissibility for an optimum outcome. Our customer in Kingsville was thrilled when their building consent was obtained and couldn’t wait to get their project started. The approved design included a bedroom, ensuite bathroom (shower), and living/dining/study area with a full Euro-style kitchen – the perfect backyard cabin to house someone graciously with privacy and independence.

Step two was choosing a suitable builder

With the design of the pod completed by the VIC-registered architect, to our customer’s satisfaction with their floorplan layout, positioning of windows and doors, and external appearances all illustrated and detailed within their architectural drawings, our customer’s next step was to select the licensed builder they would need to erect the Backyard Pods building kit and extras according to the approved plans and engineering specifications.

An introduction to one Melbourne installer who was very experienced with Backyard Pods resulted in a quote that our customer accepted, but when that service was unavailable when needed, a second introduction to a similarly experienced licensed builder in Melbourne also worked out successfully and the project was officially moving forward.

Step three was ordering materials and fittings

Our team worked with the property owner to complete their order specifications, which always come with the recommendation to double-check with the architect and/or builder to ensure accuracy between what has been approved and what the builder will be working with.

The standard flatpack building kit (no eaves) from Backyard Pods was 4m x 8m (32 sqm) on standard piers. The 1.5m x 4m deck and veranda kit was approved to become a welcoming and weather-protecting front porch area that also enhances the visual appeal of this custom-designed pod. The chosen external wall cladding colour is Colorbond Monument with gutters and barges also in Monument and a standard Zincalume (silver-coloured) roof. Our customer chose their own black-framed windows and doors from elsewhere, although most people also order double-glazed windows and doors from Backyard Pods (available in 3 colours) together with their building kit.

Clever project decision-making by the owner

Layout: Not every property can have a backyard cabin that’s 4m or wider, but the 4m-wide building that was permitted in this case allowed for the bedroom and ensuite to be side-by-side across the width of the building, maximising the open space available for the living area.

Compact ‘dream’ kitchen: While many granny flats and backyard studios have a kitchenette with the bare minimum sink, microwave, refrigerator, and a few cupboards, our customer in Kingsville had more practical ideas and a great sense of contemporary styling as well. With every detail very carefully considered, there’s a full-height cupboard/pantry, full-sized oven, electric cooktop, full-sized refrigerator, Euro washing machine, and enough cupboards to handle all the equipment and accessories needed for cooking up a real storm. We love the choices in colour, finishes, and fittings.

Landscaping and decking: Inner-Melbourne backyards can tend to be on the smaller side but at this property in Kingsville, there was enough space (and mindfulness) to settle the pod into the landscaping with beautiful timber decking around the existing trees. An extremely inviting outdoor area was created for the residents to enjoy the filtered sunlight and peaceful garden atmosphere.

Window placement: You can ignore conventions with Backyard Pods and place your windows exactly where you want them, within the bounds of structural integrity. This example shows clever thinking with window placement to provide for the occupant to enjoy views of the garden for breakfast in bed, and from the general living area when seated.

The overall effect is idyllic and highly desirable, offering a wonderful lifestyle for extended family or a splendid home office and guest cabin, as a valuable long-term addition to the entire property.

DIY, built to lock-up, or fully completed in NSW, QLD or VIC

How this project was done

  • Customer’s design interpreted by our VIC network partner

  • Architectural drawings done by our VIC network partner

  • Approvals organised by our VIC network partner

  • Customer chose their preferred builder from several quotes