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Sky-high granny flat 3.6m x 8.5m with deck and veranda at Oxenford, Gold Coast QLD

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Granny flat mission impossible? No problem

Looking at the original satellite view of this property in Oxenford, northwestern Gold Coast QLD, you wouldn’t think there was space to fit a granny flat. Then, to stand on the block with its extreme slope downhill from front to rear, you wouldn’t believe that a granny flat could be built there. Yet, with the help of our QLD network partners, you can see the fully approved and certified granny flat, based on a custom-sized Backyard Pods kit, successfully nearing completion.

Since it became possible to have fully self-contained and potentially rentable granny flats in Queensland, many homeowners with suitable sites of more than 450sqm have successfully built a compliant secondary dwelling or so-called granny flat. Where site access is difficult – as in this example – where custom sizing or layout is desired, and where the budget can be saved by practical decision-making – Backyard Pods building kits are the ideal choice.

Custom-sized at 3.6m x 8.5m (cut-down from standard 9m for a small fabrication surcharge) to maximise the available space, and with special piers engineered for the extreme elevation towards the rear of the structure, there was still room for the permissible 2m-wide veranda to take advantage of the wide district views and cool breezes.

The layout designed specifically for our customer, by one of the architects in our network, positions the bathroom facilities more centrally for occupants and guests (rather than as an ensuite) and provides distinct separation between living and sleeping zones. Intended to accommodate a member of the extended family with privacy and an independent lifestyle, there is a kitchenette but laundry facilities could be shared with the main house.

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How this project was done

  • Architectural drawings done through our network partner

  • Approvals organised through our network partner

  • Project management by our network partner