Home extension pods Sydney - West Ryde pic 1

Stunning backyard office pod 3m x 6m in Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean’ at West Ryde, Sydney NSW

Thanks to our customer for this great photo gallery showing their stunning WFH backyard office pod home extension at West Ryde, Sydney NSW, featuring a 3m x 6m kit from Backyard Pods in Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean’ colour – a great example of using bold exterior colours for a contemporary architectural statement.

Home office pods are more popular than ever because working from home is clearly a trend that’s here to stay. Your home office might be completely separate from the main house, or more attached, like this example, to flow beautifully between the main home and outdoor living area.

If your property could take an extra building 3m x 6m, you could choose from either a prefab home office (delivered complete), build your own home office starting with a flat-pack kit (if you’ve got experience and the right tools), or get a flat-pack kit installed for you by one of the tradies in our network.

Many homeowners in areas like West Ryde and Sydney in general can get an approved home office in their backyard, starting from our smallest kit 2.5m x 4m that can be cut down in size even smaller if needed.

You don’t want to try building a home office or getting a prefab home office installed without approval, or you could find yourself with a demolition order from the local council when a ‘friendly’ neighbour notices you’ve built a ‘room’, not a ‘shed’, and turns out to be not so friendly after all.

We’ve helped MANY customers to get an approved home office in their backyard so don’t worry (and don’t believe anyone who tells you that you don’t need approval for a home office just to get a sale – they should stop telling you fibs).

Some people just want a home office for one or two, or perhaps the whole family for work and study. Others want a multi-purpose room with ensuite and kitchenette, to make an office by day and potential guest accommodation or B&B by night. Most homes in NSW, VIC, ACT, and QLD with enough land are allowed to have granny flats or secondary dwellings, so if you’re thinking about a home office and have enough space, you could upscale your plans.

Whatever your home office needs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, or practically anywhere – we love to help people get more value out of their homes and improve their lifestyles at the same time, so get in touch with us and let’s see how we go with suggestions for your project.