Granny flats Blue Mountains - Blackheath pic 1

Superb 2BR DIY owner-builder granny flat 4.5m x 13m in Blackheath, Blue Mountains NSW

Proud family DIY granny flat project

We can help with granny flat installations in most areas but many of our customers are DIY owner-builders. Our customers in the Blue Mountains got our help with approval and flatpack materials, then undertook their beautifully designed 2-bedroom secondary dwelling as a family DIY building project. With meticulous attention to detail and innovative ideas, this ‘granny flat’ will house family and visitors for now, and have future income potential as a luxurious holiday cabin or long-term rental.

Anyone familiar with small-scale construction can only admire the care and detail going into this DIY granny flat project. The concrete pads around each of the piers are perfectly formed into flattened squares, whereas even a licensed builder will usually have their piers set into concrete looking like lumpy cowpats. Any builder should be awestruck! If this is how the fundamental piers are treated, you can only imagine how much care has gone into the design and planning, framing, cladding, and now the interior fittings and finishes.

The Blue Mountains region is mostly subject to bushfire and/or wind regulation requirements that are no problem with Backyard Pods.

Our customer’s extraordinary DIY building intelligence is revealed in so many small details like the shadow-line ceilings – not hard to do, apparently, but not an idea that most people would think of. The use of a shower-bath is uncommon but so practical for guests with small children, and the walls around the bathroom have extra insulation to reduce noise. As the project gets closer to completion, we’ll share more pics and videos from our customers in Blackheath to help inspire others with their DIY design and building skills.

Watch our customer on video giving helpful reviews and tips

DIY, built to lock-up, or fully completed in NSW, QLD or VIC

How this project was done

  • Customer’s design interpreted by our NSW network partner

  • Architectural drawings done by our NSW network partner

  • Approvals organised by our NSW network partner

  • Extended family undertook DIY building project from step-by-step instructions

  • Phone support on practical details was available throughout the build