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Approved home office 3.6m x 8m with timber accents in Bald Hills QLD

Combination office and rumpus room

When our customers in Bald Hills, a suburb of Brisbane QLD, needed a spacious home office and rumpus room 3.6m x 8m in their backyard, it wasn’t as easy to start building as they first thought. For starters, any building of this size in QLD needs approval, and even a small home office deemed as a habitable room needs approval. This approved home office and rumpus room added value to the property at a lower cost when the owners started with a flatpack building kit from Backyard Pods.

If you’re running a business from home, having an office in the backyard can be a great idea. Not everyone needs an approved home office as large as 3.6m x 8m, however. Our customers in Brisbane needed their home office to double as an informal rumpus room.

Getting approval was the first hurdle – and we can help with building approvals if needed. We can also help with getting projects installed to lock-up or fully completed. In this case, our customers took on their project as owner-builders, maintaining control and organising just about everything for their own project.

They used our 3.6m x 8m flatpack building kit with our 900mm foundation piers (standard piers = 600mm). Our internal wall lining kit was used for easier attachment of plasterboard to steel wall framing. They added windows from our range of double-glazed windows and doors with lockable handles and flyscreens, and a double-glazed sliding door 2145mm x 1800mm, with an external access door as well. We supplied the lintels for the openings. Our double-glazed windows are modular and this example shows three 600mm x 600mm windows stacked vertically, a popular option for great light, ventilation, and space-saving on walls to allow more options for furniture such as bookcases inside the pod.

The colour is Colorbond Deep Ocean with our black-framed double-glazed windows. The timber detailing around the windows is our customer’s idea, toning with the small entrance porches and steps. Timber accents add organic warmth to any steel-clad building.

Our range of double-glazed windows and doors is great for any climate. Being in Brisbane, our customers went with the double-glazing for greater efficiency with air-conditioning.

Despite the challenges along the way with any building project, our customers were able to handle everything for themselves and build their backyard office pod the way they wanted – very satisfying. It serves as a great inspiration for others who want to create their own backyard business oasis. With the grass and shrubbery settling around the newly-completed building, it will grow in beauty.

DIY, built to lock-up, or completed for you

How this project was done

  • Architectural drawings done through our network partner

  • Approvals organised by our network partner

  • Customer’s own builder followed step-by-step instructions