Backyard studios Melbourne - Eltham pic 7

Backyard studio 4.5m x 9m with veranda at Eltham in Melbourne VIC

Featuring timber-framed windows and doors

Often called the “prettiest suburb in Melbourne”, Eltham is known for leafy streets, lovely gardens, and timeless serenity. What more would an Eltham homeowner desire? A fully approved backyard studio from Backyard Pods, of course, with a welcoming front veranda, and the Colorbond Mangrove colour, highlighting our customer’s choice of beautiful timber windows and doors, nestling into the greenery. Can you imagine the views from inside through the stained-glass windows?

Our customer got their building permit organised through our network architect in Melbourne who is an expert in getting flatpack-based building projects through the compliance process as quickly and economically as possible. The installation was completed by one of the very experienced licensed builders in our VIC network.

Obviously, adding any fully approved, livable room to any residential property enhances the overall property value and creates immediate lifestyle enhancements. This multi-purpose backyard studio room in Melbourne can be occupied and fully insured as a home office, rumpus room, bedroom, or guest cabin, according to changing household needs.

With flatpack building kits from Backyard Pods, you can start with an idea like our customer at Eltham. If what you want to build will need approval (eg: bedroom, home office, rumpus room, etc) we can soon help you find out if you’ll be allowed to build what you want easily, or if your ideas might need tweaking to get through regulations. Once this part is sorted, you can confidently ask us to help spec out your kit requirements and get quotes on installation to lock-up stage, for you to finish off DIY, or right through fit-out and completion. It’s up to you how much you want to save or make it much easier by having everything done for you. We have so many successful customer projects around Melbourne that it’s great to see more people getting their backyard studios and granny flats built more affordably. With our great experience helping with backyard building projects since 2017, we’re happy to help people in Melbourne and regional VIC. Just tell us your project idea and site details and we can help get you started.

DIY, built to lock-up, or completed for you

How this project was done

  • Architectural drawings done through our network partner

  • Approvals organised by our network partner

  • Construction by network licenced builder