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DIY backyard ‘yoga studio’ 3m x 5m at Walloon, Ipswich QLD

In a suburban backyard near Brisbane, one time-poor husband became a hero at home by building his wife a fully-certified yoga and meditation retreat as a weekend DIY project using a 3m x 5m kit from Backyard Pods.

In a suburban backyard near Brisbane, one time-poor husband became a hero at home by building his wife a fully-certified yoga and meditation retreat as a weekend DIY project using a 3m x 5m kit from Backyard Pods.

Dream yoga and meditation retreat ‘gift of love’

Peter’s wife allocates time every day to her holistic passion of yoga and meditation. However, this aspiration was near-impossible in her busy home at Walloon, west of Brisbane, where there always seemed to be a stream of rowdy teenagers that her kids had invited over. In order to relax, this mum-of-two would have to escape into the backyard to find solitude and relief from daily stress, work, and the rowdy teens.

Peter is quite the adventurous handyman, so he decided that wanted to build a “yoga studio” for his wife, in the very same patch, under some established trees, where she had been finding open-air peace. Peter wanted to give her a space of her own to pursue her own passion, relax, unwind, and perhaps even invite her like-minded girlfriends to join for a yoga or meditation session.

Finding the right DIY solution with Backyard Pods

Working 6 days per week, Peter didn’t have a lot of free time available to research options for a backyard studio type structure that he could put together himself with his handyman skills. He Googled and explored the vast range of options available, dismissing the cheap products from overseas that couldn’t meet the Queensland building code, and settling on Backyard Pods. Having had past experience with termites, Backyard Pods presented the perfect TrueCore, Colorbond; all-steel, fuss-free, DIY solution. Peter watched the videos, browsed the galleries, and confirmed to himself that he had the skillset to complete the project single-handedly. By the time he got in touch with our sales team, he was ready to go!

Assistance with navigating the approval process

Peter contacted Brett, Backyard Pods solutions consultant, for some general guidance on whether DA and Building Permits, etc would be needed. Given the size of Peter’s block of land, the pod size of 15sqm, and the fact that the Backyard Pod would be a ‘yoga studio’ for occasional recreational use, Brett suggested that although Peter might take the the ‘non-habitable room’ or ‘cabana’ approach to compliance requirements, he would still need to consult a Building Certifier in Brisbane as the size of the enclosed structure was larger than 10sqm and higher than 3m.

Peter and his wife settled on a 3m x 5m Basic Backyard Pod kit on foundation piers, in ColorBond® Pale Eucalypt. The pod internal layout was to be open-plan with a large 3600mm double-glazed bi-folding door facing the shrubbery. An adjacent tall, narrow window adjacent would increase natural light and catch the cool summer breeze.

From efficient kit delivery to completion by Spring

When the Backyard Pod flat-pack kit was delivered to their home, site access was restricted by the fenceline, So the materials were craned-off curbside and with a little help from the teens, materials were easily transported piece-by-piece through the side gate to the point of assembly.

Despite Peter working six days a week, he was able to manage the construction of his Backyard Pod as a DIY project with the easy to follow instructions, a little help from some good mates, and those handy teens! Even more impressive for other DIY exponents, Peter made awnings over the entrance and window using the offcuts.

While Peter made a great success as a do-it-yourselfer, many customers choose to have their Backyard Pod project completed for them by a handyman or licensed builder. Backyard Pods has a network of independent installers in most areas of VIC, NSW, ACT, and SE QLD ready to help our customers with any job, to any stage – large or small.

This certified ‘yoga studio pod’ has added significant value to the family home and Peter has given his wife the permanent gift of peace and well-being, right outside their back door. The project has brought balance into their life, at low cost, and without major disruption. Now that Peter’s wife has her space dedicated to health, balance, and well-being, it’s time for Peter to dust off those fishing rods and enjoy his free time again.

Well done Peter! “Happy wife, happy life” (says Peter) for many years to come.

The order was placed with Backyard Pods on 15 March 2019 and delivered on 27 April 2019, it was finished by Spring 2019.


Any project of this kind will require some form of compliance and approval process, depending on which area you live in and what rules may apply. Do not attempt to complete any building project on your property without first checking with your local council and/or getting professional advice that’s specific to your site, budget, and intended purposes.