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DIY guest cabin with ensuite 4.5m x 6m at Anglesea, near Geelong VIC

Hand-building a beachside guest cabin

Our customers in Anglesea, southwest of Melbourne beyond the famous Bells Beach, wanted a guest cabin including an ensuite at the rear of their property. With sufficient previous building experience and the right tools, they successfully undertook their project as DIY owner-builders using a flatpack building kit from Backyard Pods. They kindly shared their construction pics so you can see how they did it.

Not everyone wants a fully self-contained granny flat in their backyard. Unless the family needs additional accommodation, not every property can be configured for both dwellings to retain privacy, and not every property owner wants to have full-time tenants around.

Many people opt for a backyard with either or both kitchenette and ensuite facilities to serve multi-functionally as a home office suite, guest cabin, teenage retreat, or potential Airbnb. Short-stay accommodation is typically in high demand around coastal and regional tourism areas, and there is often no shortage of family and friends wanting short or extended stays.

Our customers had the know-how to handle their own approvals to erect their 4.5m x 6m Backyard Pod kit with eaves, undersides, external walls, and roof in Colorbond Ironstone, the darkest grey in the Colorbond range. They chose black frames for their double-glazed stacker doors and awning-style (casement) windows from our range, to go with the kit.

No building project is ever ‘easy’ or we wouldn’t have TV renovation shows like The Block entertaining us with on-site drama and mishaps. Experienced and confident owner-builders like our customers at Anglesea manage to navigate the red-tape (either by themselves or with help from our network partners), coordinate their suppliers, and organise the external contractors needed to get their project completed successfully. It goes without saying that taking a hands-on approach to your Backyard Pods building project will save you considerably. And when the interiors are finished and furnished, the cabin settles into the landscape, and greenery regrows around the footings, the DIY-building satisfaction lasts forever.

DIY, built to lock-up, or completed for you

How this project was done

  • Customer organised their own approvals

  • Customer was the DIY owner-builder