Poolhouses Gold Coast - Reedy Creek pic 1

Poolside rumpus with bathroom 3m x 9m at Reedy Creek, Gold Coast QLD

When a poolhouse is just what the family needs

Brad and Kirsten needed a chill-out rumpus room for the kids, a late-night media room for watching footy and Netflix, and somewhere private for guests to stay. However, their compact backyard was mostly taken up by their swimming pool. They had a lightbulb moment… “We need a pool house!” This would be a multi-purpose space where they could relax and entertain by the pool – with all the cool comforts like air-conditioning, shower, toilet, dishwasher, sofa, and surround-sound TV/media setup. Their tight poolside site was difficult to access and budget was also a big consideration, but once they’d made their minds up, they didn’t want to wait.

Considering all the options available, Brad and Kirsten settled on a Backyard Pod as the ideal solution. The challenge was to fit a structure into the side space next to their pool between a neighboring retaining wall. Brad and Kirsten settled on a 3m x 9m Backyard Pod with Eaves, designing the interior to suit their lifestyle and the exterior for the cool, uncluttered look they wanted to achieve.

The exterior of the ‘pool house’ features our genuine Colorbond corrugated cladding in a very striking Surf Mist, matching the main residence trims and the veranda extending from the house. A must-have for the Pod was the additional eaves to keep it cooler in the scorching Queensland summer heat and reduce energy costs as required by governing bodies. The pool house also features sliding doors, three windows, and a skylight, allowing plenty of natural light to brighten the space. It is spacious inside, with its own bathroom and a sofa bed to accommodate occasional overnight guests.

The Backyard Pod kit was delivered flat-packed to their home, at low cost. Once unstrapped, the materials were easily carried through the side gate piece-by-piece and assembled on-site with the easy-to-follow instructions.

Cleverly for Brad, rather than taking on a DIY project, he used the few weeks waiting for his Backyard Pod to be manufactured to embark on an owner-builder course so he could engage his own handyman, and other trades such as a licensed electrician, plumber, and plasterer. This way, Brad was able to pay hourly rates for tradespeople, instead of a fixed per-metre rate, and negotiate deals along the way – saving thousands of dollars in the usual project management and fixed-quote costs.

DIY, built to lock-up, or completed for you

How this project was done

  • Architectural drawings done through our network partner

  • Approvals organised by our network partner

  • Customer managed trades as the owner-builder