Backyard studios Sydney - Cranebrook pic 14

Poolside studio pod with facilities 4m x 5m installed at Cranebrook NSW

Who wouldn’t like a poolside studio with bathroom and kitchenette in their backyard? At Cranebrook, in western Sydney NSW, this family squeezed a great poolside studio into a tiny space with full approval and at a very low cost. They’re so happy! We’re not keen on ‘cream’ Colorbond but here it matches perfectly with the existing Colorbond fence. Our customer took these pics and we’re very grateful they wanted to share with other customers (even if the pics are a little blurry, the Backyard Pod isn’t!).

Some customers get themselves a ‘pool room’ without approval but remember that exempt developments can’t be a ‘room’, only a shed-like structure, for example, with no plasterboard or floor coverings inside, no furniture for habitual human use, etc. This particular poolside studio with a bathroom and kitchenette at Cranebrook (western Sydney) was fully approved because the customer wisely avoided the risks associated with attempting an ‘illegal development’ on their property.

Getting approval for a backyard studio with facilities or granny flat is usually not such a big issue, and we can help you through the whole process whether you’re going to do a DIY project or getting professional installation through tradies in our network in all eastern states. It’s usually a good idea to get your approval sorted first, so you know exactly what size of building you’re permitted to have and where it can be positioned before you get too carried away with your designs.

While our flat-pack buildings are the only way to go for properties with difficult access, many customers prefer to get a prefab building delivered complete to their property through Backyard Pods (NSW, VIC, QLD, and ACT only). We can help you get a fully pre-built and fitted-out backyard studio with a bathroom and kitchenette like this one, all pre-wired and pre-plumbed, ready to virtually ‘plug-and-play’, for much less than you probably think.