Backyard studios Sydney - Newtown pic 17

Yoga studio with bathroom pod 3.6m x 7m installed Newtown NSW

Many people want a backyard studio with bathroom pod for something they’ve got in mind (eg: yoga studio, music studio, studio accommodation, home office with facilities, etc). This customer in Newtown, Sydney NSW wanted a backyard YOGA studio with bathroom pod in the backyard. With Backyard Pods, they were able to build what they wanted in a small backyard despite the difficult access. Interested in a backyard studio with a bathroom? Look at this one.

One of the MANY great things about flat-pack kits from Backyard Pods is that it’s possible to build even where there’s NO access to the backyard. Inner Sydney, inner Melbourne, and inner Brisbane suburbs in particular feature terrace houses which each have their own backyard but rarely with any access (unless there’s a laneway out the back). Some customers, like this one, get their flat-pack kit delivered out the front (or even at the end of a narrow street) and simply walk the materials through the house into the backyard for assembly. The flooring system is integrated with the Backyard Pod, so there’s no need for a slab and the Backyard Pod tucks neatly into the yard to leave as much open space remaining for enjoyment as possible.

Whether it’s a yoga studio with facilities or a guest cabin Airbnb, using a flat-pack kit from Backyard Pods (DIY or professionally installed) is the most versatile and affordable way to get what you need. In capital cities (like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane) some people are making LOTS of extra money from having a tiny granny flat or short-stay cabin behind their terrace house because inner-city locations are so popular with students, visitors, and extended family members looking for somewhere to stay.

Any Backyard Pod with facilities like this one will need approval but we can help you with the whole process starting with a preliminary check of your site and professional advice. Just give us a yell if you’d like to get started.