Office pods

There is an ever-increasing demand for office pods due to more people being able to work from home or run a business from home. Most homes were not designed with a separate study room or even a proper study nook. People want a separate home office where they can work without distraction, and where visitors can come without passing through the domestic environment. Another advantage is being able to rough-in electrical and service cabling during the construction process for outlets exactly where you want them. There can be taxation advantages to having a separate office building (but you would need to get specific advice about your situation). Office pods from Backyard Pods have been built in all sizes throughout NSW, VIC, and SE QLD. Some home offices have a powder room or ensuite, and perhaps a kitchenette, while others are just simple plain rooms for extra space. While small office pods are usually devoted to deskwork, larger ones can also function as a combination guest cabin, hang-out room, etc. Another option to consider is having a portable home office, when this is needed, and it simply means erecting the structure onto skids instead of piers.